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  1. Collaborate with clients, content creators, designers, and back-end developers.
  2. Interpret designer's visions into workable code.
  3. Combine the work of designers and back-end developers, splitting designs into components and therefore creating working websites.
  4. Cross platform, cross compatibility, and performance tuning tests.
  5. Optimize websites for search engines, user experience, and accessibility.
  6. Researching design and coding trends to stay ahead and keep websites cutting edge.

The task of the development team is to engineer the illusion of simplicity.

Front-end web development, also called as client-side development, is the method of producing HTML, CSS, and JavaScript for a website or Web Application. Visitors can see and interact with these directly for their convenience and comfort. The challenge associated with front end development is that the tools and techniques used to create the front end of a website update constantly. A thorough understanding of these facts and keeping updated with the latest trends is absolute necessary for successful front-end web development.

That’s why our team of front-end developers at Fox Web Wizardz always strive to educate themselves by following the latest trends happening in the World Wide Web.


The revised version of HTML is HTML5, which was adopted in 2007 by the W3C. HTML5 was introduced to resolve the cross-compatibility issues seen with HTML4. In HTML5 there’s one single interface to load all elements and this means one doesn’t have to install the flash plugin in HTML5, it’ll run by itself.
With HTML5, you can make use of a variety of graphical elements, such as animation, games, movies, etc. Even vigorous graphics effects such as lightning and shadows, 3D, special effects, vector graphics, and so on are supported. A noteworthy change occurred with the JavaScript engines, which are fast enough to run these applications in real time. Hardware accelerated rendering is being used in modern browsers to create smooth rendering and transitions. This implies that browsers are utilizing the GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) to accelerate the computing tasks, which will enhance the user experience.


JavaScript is a client-side scripting language, commonly used in web development. Since the source code is processed by the client's web browser, rather than on the web server, your website or web application will run much faster than your peers. JavaScript can also communicate with HTML source code, giving you the option to spice up the sites with dynamic content.
JavaScript is an open source language and anyone can use it for free without purchasing any license. Our team at Fox Web Wizardz uses JavaScript as a pillar for all of our website and application development to best serve our customers.


Unlike its predecessors, CSS3 provides you with incredible control over the appearance of your page. You also can influence other properties such as font sizes, bolding, italics, text shadows and color, link color, and much more. Some of the newly added properties that allow you to embed fonts on a web pages are animation, gradients, media queries, shadows, transitions, the font-face rule, and more.

Client-side MVC frameworks

JavaScript frameworks is the so called "hot chocolate" to build web applications. Although there are many frameworks out there, we'll use the best one for your website i.e. Backbone, AngularJS, Ember & React.
Usage of any one of these frameworks is becoming an integral part of front-end web development and hence you'll get highly responsive user interfaces, along with well-structured and maintainable code. Leave it to the experts at Fox Web Wizardz who'll take care of these and apply it on your project.

Node JS

React JS

Angular JS

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  • I can not understate the value that Sidd and the Fox Web Wizardz team brought to my project. Sidd was an expert in his field, had great communication skills, provided good updates on the project and managed it with ease. The job wasn't an easy one with a variety of complexities and it was all managed seamlessly.
    Adam R, Founder, LocalHealthhub
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