We at Fox Web Wizardz trust manual testing because it is the oldest and still one of the most trusted methods of testing.

  1. Reduced costs compared to other testing methodologies.
  2. Discovers real time user issues.
  3. Allows flexibility to change code at any given stage with an ease of transition.
  4. Extremely applicable for small scale projects.
  5. Testing done by humans and not machines.

We prefer humans you can trust, over machines you can’t talk to.

Testing plays a crucial role in any website or application’s development process because it measures quality assurance and eliminates the costly rework of errors. This form of testing is done by a general user so the basic requirement is to discover real time user issues. In one world, the application is being used like a general consumer would and our testers take an in-depth look into the whole application. This completely ensures that it’s working properly as desired.

These testing strategies can be divided into two options: manual testing and automated testing. Each testing option comes with a variety of tools that you can choose from. Keeping the budget and flexibility in mind, we recommend manual testing since the tests are executed by general users other than developers. We prepare test cases and reports for manual testing before testing an application, and by having these reports our developers are able to find out the exact issue before the completion stage to offer more flexibility. We also share these reports with our clients via a common sharing platform to maintain a transparent work culture.

Manual testing is most applicable for the following scenarios:-

  1. Exploratory Testing: For this style the tester’s knowledge, experience, analytical/logical skills, creativity, and intuition are required for success. The test is distinguished by poorly written project documentation, or a short time for implementation. In this case, human skill is the key factor to execute the testing process for the most success.
  2. Usability Testing: This is the process where we measure how user-friendly, efficient, or convenient the software or product is for the end users. Here, human observation is the most vital factor, so a manual approach is always recommended.
  3. Ad-hoc Testing: In this process, there is no recommended approach. It is a totally uncertain method of testing where the understanding and judgement of the tester is the only critical factor.

With this form of testing costs are relatively lower than automation testing. This helps our clients with small scale projects in order to accommodate their budget and make progress now. Throughout your experience our expert test engineers and testing supervisors at Fox Web Wizardz will always be in touch with you regarding any concerns regarding quality assurance. Although we do accept that in every form of human testing there are mistakes made, we eliminate the error counts by doing repetitive testing to deliver a flawless outcome for our clients.

If you’ve already built a website or an application and your developer is not giving you the premium service and communication that you deserve, then we’re here to help you until your product is launched.

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  • Sidd not only provided on-time and on-budget development of our company website, he rapidly understood our business needs and our organisation and helped us make the right decisions throughout the process. We will be using his services again in the future.
    Peter S, Founding Partner, Termshare
  • Sidd is a very capable professional who not only brought his great IT skills but also provided many suggestions to make the website much better than I had imagined. I am very please with the final output of his work. I would highly recommend him.
    Ankush C, Author/Speaker, AnkushChopra.com
  • Excellent work and very nice person to deal with - would recommend to anyone.
    Murray S, Lifeloc.com.au
  • I can not understate the value that Sidd and the Fox Web Wizardz team brought to my project. Sidd was an expert in his field, had great communication skills, provided good updates on the project and managed it with ease. The job wasn't an easy one with a variety of complexities and it was all managed seamlessly.
    Adam R, Founder, LocalHealthhub
  • Fox Web Wizardz delivered my blog as requested and before the set due date. I would highly recommend this provider in the future and will continue a working relationship strictly with this provider!
    Vidette V, Founder, IamSoulMama

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