Responsive Web Design, a new and exciting advancement in web development.

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Good art is a taste, good design is an opinion.

Using Responsive Web Design has become an incredibly popular practice because of its interactive qualities and versatile application to multiple devices. Since its inception, Responsive Web Design has re-defined the approach for designing a website and made the viewing experience much more exciting as well. The goal of a responsive website design is to keep the interface seamless for its use on mobile devices so users have better access to your content. The predictions made by the Garter research firm indicated that from 2013 onwards smartphones & tablets will be the key player in driving responsive web design. With this trend of increased mobile traffic it’s easy to see how using Responsive Web Design could improve any business’s online presence.

The increasing number of client inquiries for responsive web design is proof of the value it brings to sites and the relevance of its application. Recognizing the benefits of using responsive web design will ensure confidence in your decision to use it and allow you to truly see its value for only managing one version of a site.

This does then present a problem for many who are informed about responsive website design and have a specific interpretation of it. They may not recognize all of the benefits that certain models have, or exactly why that model may suit them best.

This process is similar to buying a car. Not all cars are similar, even though they have some common features their performance can be extremely different.

Responsive web design can be defined as the process that responds to the user's environment based on his/her screen size, platform & orientation. The more detailed version consists of flexible grids & columns, providing retina versions of graphics, and the use of CSS media queries. In short, the website should automatically respond to the user's preferences thus eliminating the need to develop different versions of the website for every new device available on the market.

Our expert responsive web designers will provide you the best services in the following manner:-

HTML5 & CSS3 (responsive website)

Our trained responsive designers can transform your ideas into a responsive website with the use of Bootstrap or LESS framework.

  • Cross compatible in all modern browsers.
  • We’ll test the site in the below mentioned resolutions:
    • 320 px for android smartphones & iPhone at portrait view.
    • 640 px and below for iPhone’s at landscape view.
    • 768x960 px for iPad & other tablet resolutions.
    • 960px and above for large resolutions or desktop screens.
  • Restyling links and buttons to be more touch friendly.
  • Image optimization for fast page-loading on different devices.
  • Framework based coding & use of CSS media queries.

Pay as you go

We want to offer an easy and flexible service to our customers, so we have enacted many features to optimize the process of creating your site. Since some projects will take months to complete, there are options for part-time and full-time service on your site. You will be on a monthly contract with that specific developer so you have the best one on one service you can possibly imagine. This not only creates a direct relationship for you with your developer, but it also gives you the assurance of planned advancements. Some of the key points in our pay as you go process are listed below:-

  • 4 or 8 hours per day for part-time & full-time resources.
  • Live communication over Skype/Slack/Hangout.
  • Time-tracking facility so that you can pay only for the work done.
  • Shared worksheet for the work being done.
  • Monthly or recurring payment options.
  • No hidden costs.
  • Cancel anytime.

Design file to Wordpress/Magento/osCommerce (responsive theme)

We also develop themes from your layered design file and implement them on your chosen CMS. After the slicing of the design is complete, we’ll start the following tests:-

  • Installation and configuration of the theme on your server directly with the chosen CMS mentioned below:
    • WordPress
    • Magento
    • osCommerce
  • W3C validation test in order to check for any errors.
  • A cross browser compatibility check in all modern browsers (IE, Mozilla, Chrome & Safari).
    Image optimization when applicable.
  • In addition to the above mentioned guidelines for themes, we can also provide consultation on developing a complete & functional website with custom features.

Had a HTML website built 10 years back?

We offer a full responsive design overhaul on old HTML Sites.

  • Do you think you’re lacking the digital transformation?
  • Does your present website shows properly on all modern devices like mobiles & tablets?
  • Are you tired of managing multiple versions of your single website?

If the above questions are a concern for you and your business, it's time you transform your present website to a responsive web design. These are far friendlier with mobile devices, tablets, and all other modern devices. Our expert team will hear your requests and then suggest what is best for your business to cope with the in-demand challenges of a responsive website. To create a basic responsive site is relatively easy, but to create a good and clean responsive site it can be time consuming and expensive in most cases.

We at Fox Web Wizardz always try to clarify each and every request sent to us so that there’s no confusion as to what the customer actually wants. Even if you’re having an android or iOS app already built without having a responsive website, we can still sort it out so that your costs are within your limits. This is all so you can run your business smoothly and be worry free.

Real reviews

  • Sidd not only provided on-time and on-budget development of our company website, he rapidly understood our business needs and our organisation and helped us make the right decisions throughout the process. We will be using his services again in the future.
    Peter S, Founding Partner, Termshare
  • Sidd is a very capable professional who not only brought his great IT skills but also provided many suggestions to make the website much better than I had imagined. I am very please with the final output of his work. I would highly recommend him.
    Ankush C, Author/Speaker,
  • Excellent work and very nice person to deal with - would recommend to anyone.
    Murray S,
  • I can not understate the value that Sidd and the Fox Web Wizardz team brought to my project. Sidd was an expert in his field, had great communication skills, provided good updates on the project and managed it with ease. The job wasn't an easy one with a variety of complexities and it was all managed seamlessly.
    Adam R, Founder, LocalHealthhub
  • Fox Web Wizardz delivered my blog as requested and before the set due date. I would highly recommend this provider in the future and will continue a working relationship strictly with this provider!
    Vidette V, Founder, IamSoulMama

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