Grow Follower Base and Increase Leads from Social Media

Grow Follower Base and Increase Leads from Social Media

Businesses at present are often looking to explore new channels to attract relevant customers. For this a community, group or a business page with fan base is utmost important. Creating a facebook business page, twitter handle etc. may require a little knowledge but it must have all the right resources in order to make it successful.

Digital marketing companies in Kolkata are putting emphasis on having a good follower base to build an engaged, connected audience. We at Fox Web Wizardz, would like to showcase some of the basic things that are required in order to flourish your businesses through social media marketing. Often you may have heard that a facebook business page is creating milestones with 500+ or 50000+ likes and thus engaging a broader audience. Similarly with a twitter handle, businesses are receiving enormous amount of followers.

For effective social media returns an individual or a business house must ask the below mentioned questions to an accredited digital marketing firm before opting the services offered by them:-

  1. how are they doing this? does it really work?
  2. how much it costs?
  3. how effective is the social media marketing?
  4. how should I maintain the page?
  5. how should I engage with my audience?
  6. how should I grow a connected follower base?
  7. how should I track the improvements?
  8. how content is important for my website & social media pages?
  9. how it is connected with search engine optimization?

Many more questions will come gradually once the campaign is LIVE and thus it?ll enable everyone to have a clear approach on what is needed, why it is necessary for the present era, and how it will benefit the rankings of the business digitally.

This discussion will be continued in the next edition, I’ll elaborate the significant areas on how to run a successful Twitter Handle (it’s presence, engagements & conversion)

Stay tuned for more updates!